Julianna Pelayo
2 min readOct 26, 2020


  1. Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

2. My original vision for my project was to showcase Los Angeles thru the lens of a native resident rather than how the city is romanticized in films. I wanted this to look like a pinterest board since that app is more about aesthetically pleasing things.

3. My project looks different than I imagined because of my art skills. The top left image is meant to depict the housing issue in the city. Although it is a but exaggerated, it is meant to show how expensive living here has gotten. The imagine on the top left is suppose to represent street vendors that are all around the city. The bottom left image is suppose to show the traffic and how populated the city is. Lastly, the bottom right image is suppose to depict the redlining in Los Angeles.

4. I think my project was a success because I did the best that I could. Sure someone with better art skill could have done better but I think I did well for my skill level.

5. As I went on, I feel like my project got weaker because I couldn’t get the crisp lines/ edges I wanted for the painting. The details I was able to sketch with pencil were hard to get again with paint.

6. As a sociology major, I was trying to combine art with sociology. I had a lecture last week about redlining and other environmental injustices that occur all over LA County, and I wanted to show some of what I learned through the project because I felt it was really important information.

7. If i did this project over, I would change the medium. Instead of painting maybe I could’ve made it from recycled materials I found outside or something related to that. I could’ve sculpted the materials into my vision.