Wk 15 — Choice!

Julianna Pelayo
Dec 14, 2020

This week I wanted to take photos of the significant events of my week.

This week I finally received the pants I bought from Depop. These were $18!! I was excited to finally receive them because throughout quarantine I’ve def gained a little weight and it was exciting to feel good in a pair of pants.
It was my brother’s 26th birthday this past week so we got him a cake from portos. I had already started eating before I took the photo. oops.
This is my girlfriend’s gift. Its a little crooked but the idea is there and I think it adds character. I also embroidered two hearts on the other sleeve. This took me about a month to do. I know it isn’t much but I practiced a lottttt before actually doing it on the sweater. This was a really fun skill to learn and I think I’m going to stick with embroidery since I enjoyed it so much.

I think my post this week turned out well. I think I could’ve taken more photos or a photo everyday to make it a bit longer. Overall I did well and I liked the moments I chose. Though, next time I would take more photos and maybe try to connect them more rather than have them so different from each other.