Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Julianna Pelayo
3 min readNov 23, 2020


CSULB — assistant professor sociology w a specialty in latine communities

This is a job that is currently open at the University. I would be open to this job because I am familiar with the campus and soon enough I would be familiar with the Sociology Department. In addition, my research interest or specialty has not been decided yet but I have an interest in Latine communities as of right now.

I would be a valuable asset to the CSULB faculty because I know my way around technology, and I know how to communicate with students. As a faculty member at a university, it is imperative to be able to communicate with your students in order to familiarize yourself with their environment. That said, I would make sure everyone was heard. Also, I could skip the campus tour, it would save everyone some time.

UCSD — occasional non-tenure track lecturer

I would take this job opportunity to further my experience in teaching and lecturing. I am somewhat familiar with the UCSD campus, and I know some people there. That said, I would be comfortable in the environment from the beginning. It is essential for the environment to be comforting in order to perform well.

I would be a valuable asset to the UCSD department of sociology because I am passionate about the topic and my research interest and that would show through my work. I adapt quickly to new environments and I am a fast learner which would benefit me and my students.

Cedars Sinai- social worker

Cedars Sinai is a well known hospital in Los Angeles. This is a popular job in the sociology major realm but it is not one that interests me much. Helping in any way I could is definitely something that is super important for me but I don’t like hospitals. I could change my mind eventually but as of now its not something I see myself doing.

I would be a valuable asset to Cedars Sinai because I am a fast learner and I am determined. Employees have previously said how intense and challenging the obstacles they face are and while I know my job may be different than theirs, I am always up for a challenge, and I would alway exhaust my resources to do the best of my ability.

Lawrence D. Bobo


Lawrence D. Bobo is a sociology professor at Harvard University. He has had many academic accomplishments which can all be seen on his page on the Harvard website. Bobo is very academia and research driven. He has tenured at multiple universities, and is a fellow of numerous organizations. Professor Bobo has been publishing research papers since before 2000. All in all, Bobo has worked for a very long time to build his resume and his credentials.

Scott Frickel


Scott Frickel is a sociology professor at Brown University. Frickel’s research interest revolves around environmentalism. He is currently doing research on socio-environmental change and pattern theory in addition to studying the inequalities in science and technologies. He is also an author and has published 5 books in which he collaborated with other authors. Frickel does not have as extensive experience like Lawrence does, but there is still time for him to develop more papers and research.

Elijah Anderson


Elijah Anderson is a sociology professor at Yale University. Anderson has won awards for his publications and contributions to research. He previously served as the vice- president of the American Sociological Association as well as on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. In addition, Elijah Anderson has published multiple books, chapters, and articles relating to his field on interest which is urban inequality. Anderson has managed to expand his resume over the course of 44 years.

A website for me would help me set myself up for the long years of research and articles. My website would be a way to build connections, a common ground where everyone could see my work and my research interests. For now and in the near future, a website could help me in finding internships and appear more serious/ professional. For far down the line, a website could help me organize my articles and any other publishings that I could have. As the years come, I could always add onto my website and build from now.