Wk 12 — Art Activity — New Friends

Julianna Pelayo
Nov 16, 2020


2. I did not know my partner at all prior to this assignement.

3. I think I have a surface level understanding of Sam, but nothing too deep. Just the general small talk.

4. Personally, I don’t think this would be the ideal way to make connections while we are on zoom.

5. I think making group chats are a better way because there is not as much pressure and you can chime in when you want and stay silent when you please. It is hard connecting to someone when both of you aren’t really good texters.

6. We communicated over Instagram. I don’t really use Instagram so it felt unfamiliar to be on it or to be checking it. I just think because we both aren’t good at replying within a certain time frame it didn’t work out as we imagined. That said, I don’t know another platform we could’ve used. I think that if we were to do this assignment in person we could’ve clicked a bit more.

7. Padlet was very confusing at first and I thought itwas going to be more work than it actually was. But once I explored a bit more, it was easier to navigate.

8. To make professional connections in isolation I think I would email them or use LinkedIn if I had one. I feel like thats a more professional setting.